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    Hey everyone thanks for reading.. So I'll try my best to explain.. I've searched and searched everything there is on battery drain issues and have tried every common and uncommon solution to no avail.. So I could get 2 maybe 3 days with moderate use.. I have a Note 3.. Never had any battery issues and then I rooted it with Odin and stayed with stock for the time and still no issues then I installed TWRP and just testing it out before flashing Roms I went into recovery and my phone was so hot to the touch in mins it was crazy it has never ever gotten that hot.. Rebooted to system no heating issues.. Now I don't know if that caused something related to my battery it wasn't hot where the battery was it was at the top and camera area but after I rebooted and it cooled down I didn't think to check my battery level to see if it dropped really fast I was so used to never checking cuz I always had amazing battery life.. Also quickly I'm running lollipop on stock here.. So after an hr cooling off I flashed CM12 and omg what a mistake it dropped 1% every 3 mins with just WiFi on nothing else and display down and locations and wake locks all modded to save I tried every solution nothing worked and my battery should of been better not worse.. Tried 2 more different Roms same issue all Roms no improvement so I went back to stock and it dropped just as fast so I went back to cm12 since I like it better and my battery seemed f*d anyways then I calabrated my battery wiped stats and it improved a bit but no where close as before so I decided now to go back to stock and see if I wiped stats and calibrated it after a few days if it would be a better improvement.. I just want to know if I give this or any of my Roms a longer period like 2 weeks will it get better since i know its not my actual battery and caused from flashing roms or is it just going to be a lot worse now and however good it is after a few days of stock or other Roms is the best it will get.. Trust me I've tried every app kernel CPU tuner turning things off greenify de-bloating I've done everything.. I have to plug my phone in around 4-5pm after full charge starting around 9am with moderate use.. Not a heavy gamer but also before nothing heated up my phone and now its only heating up playing games and not all the time like it was before but it still never did that before TWRP/Roms and I miss my 2 day one charge battery it was why I picked the note 3 over the 4 thanks for rreading my ridiculously long post I appreciate any help.. Currently still on lollipop 5.0.. I've tried downgrading to and it didn't work.. 😳
    08-25-2015 12:06 AM
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    "then I calabrated my battery" How? (The only proper "calibration" is charging until the terminal voltage stops rising [Battery Calibration (Root) will make it easy], then setting the current state value to 100.) Wiping the stats just wipes the stats, it doesn't calibrate anything.

    Uninstall ANY app you have that claims to "clean RAM" - that costs battery (I've run tests on a number of them - uninstalling them always increased charge-to-charge time). Also uninstall any app written by someone who has a "RAM cleaner" app. Cleaning RAM just shows that the developer doesn't understand how Android works, so I wouldn't trust any app written by that developer. (A Google software engineer explains it at Multitasking the Android Way if you want to know the specifics. If she doesn't know how Android works, no one does.)

    And yes, it does take any new ROM a few days to a week or two to "settle in". Greenify is good if you're rooted. (If not, you have to manually run it periodically to hibernate [actually force stop] apps. It's still good, it's just not as simple as set it up and forget about it.)

    "I have to plug my phone in around 4-5pm after full charge starting around 9am with moderate use." That's about a little better than normal for a Note 3. Most people end up having to charge it a little earlier than that - maybe 2 or 3. (You ARE charging at it at no less than 40%, right? Regularly dropping it lower will mean replacing batteries more often.)

    "Not a heavy gamer but also before nothing heated up my phone" My wife IS a heavy gamer, we got our Note 3s at the same time and one afternoon (I remember the exact day, because she was in the hospital at the time - and it was just about 20 months ago) her phone suddenly got VERY hot at about the spot you described - when it wasn't being used. I quickly turned it off and let it cool. It's still running, normally, on the same battery, 20 months later, and hasn't gotten hot since. Stock ROM (AT&T - 5.0 with the Stagefright fix), stock Touch Wiz garbage (that's one of the first things I get rid of on most phones - the stock launcher). I can't give you a 9-5 then recharge, figure because we're retired, and she usually plugs the phone in when it hits 50% (which is the ideal charging point for maximum life), so she doesn't keep that kind of track. But she's up a few times a night,and plays games (I can hear the bells going now, so she's playing one), uses the phone all day for gaming and texting, and the battery hasn't given us any problems yet.

    The only time I've gotten more than a day on mine was when it was sitting on the desk with a dark screen (I got 4 days from 100% to 40% a few times that way), but that's not what a phone is for. And I'm running TWRP (Safestrap, actually, since the bootloader is locked, so you can't reflash the recovery) and I've had more ROMs in this thing than I can remember - just bout every one that came out for the 900A - even the Note 4 port, but that had problems so it didn't stay long At the moment I'm running stock unrooted, because I don't really need root for anything, but I have a 5.0 rooted ROM to flash if and when I need it. And still get about a day (rough estimate, since I don't unplug at 9 every day and know when I have to recharge) out of a charge.

    Try it stock rooted and Greenified with TWRP (TWRP isn't running if you're running Android - an android phone is a triple boot computer, Android, Recovery and Download) for a week and see how the battery behaves after the first week.
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    08-25-2015 12:34 AM
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    Thanks for the reply and to clarify the calibrations from what I've read and the app I use I charged it fully to 100% and then let die completely and then charge it fully one more time without break.. Apparently I've read if you do that it automatically wipes the stats and u don't need an app to push a calibrate button but that's how I've done it.. I don't have any app relating to RAM cleaning I learned a few phones ago the are garbage so that's not it.. Just reading the amount of info I have on the note 3 normal battery life should last longer then 24 hrs without charge for mod/heavy use.. That was me and the battery should of gradually got worse not all of a sudden degrade almost 50% of its holding charge... I've read many different things about when to charge and how low to let it go.. So if I haven't flashed a new ROM and I wasnt calibrating I would let it get to around half as you said and to me I'd be plugging it in around 40% and that's once a night but now its much sooner in the day.. I don't have twrp installed just rooted for the few apps I use and I don't have safe trap I have the Canadian version its unlocked dont know if that makes a difference.. Also I never use touchwiz launcher I always use smart launcher should I actually delete it from the phone?? Thanks for the reply I'll give it a week to see how the battery is thanks ☺
    08-25-2015 08:13 AM

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