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    Hi all, and thank you in advance for taking the time to help me out!

    I'm a new Android user (have had iPhones since the 3 until yesterday!). I bought a Samsung Galaxy S6 yesterday and have noticed some battery issues that I was just hoping you all could ease my mind about.

    Yesterday, immediately after getting home with the phone I downloaded a whole bunch of apps and just used the phone a bunch, and the battery went from 50% to 10% in about 30 minutes, and the phone got quite hot. I was hoping this was just due to it being the first charge, but I've noticed still some quick draining today, though not as bad, so I wanted to give you guys some data and see if this is typical for this phone:

    Overnight - 5% drain
    Listening to Stitcher through Bluetooth in my car (phone is locked during this time) - 1% drain every 5-10 minutes
    Active normal use (ie, texting, using the internet, using social media apps) - 1% drain every 1-3 minutes

    The phone also heated up quite a bit right after plugging it in last night, though it cooled after a few minutes.

    Is all of this normal, or should I be concerned?

    Thank you!!
    10-22-2015 12:12 PM

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