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    My phone (galaxy s6, 4 months new) sat in water for about 20 seconds today.. The phone proceeded to power on and off automatically for about 6 hours, so the old power down and place ina bag of rice trick was out of the question. I counted my losses and left the phone be.
    I later came back and the phone seems to be a bit glitchy (slower than normal) but over all is working.
    However, of course after powering on and off all day my battery is drained. Whenever I go to charge my phone now i get the "charging paused, battery temperature too low"
    This is obviously an error due to water damage and i can imagine can more than likely be fixed by changing the USB charging board... however Im wondering if there is a quick fix for the time being ... such as a setting i can change to bypass the low temp warning or to change the default temp settings?

    > please do not say the warning is there for a reason ... the temperature is reading too low, not high and i am fully confident its just water damage messing with the board.
    11-08-2015 08:45 PM

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