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    I got my first HTC one m8 on Christmas 2014. Progressively the battery life got worse. it would die super quick, would charge ridiculously slow, and by May 12 it completely died. Wouldn't charge at all when connected. I had a little funeral for the phone and buried it in my backyard and then got a replacement HTC one M8. Shortly after i got the new phone i started noticing another gradual progression towards really stupid battery life. for the First few months it would charge fine but it would still die pretty quick, and seemingly quicker as the days passed. Around two and a half months ago, the second phone started charging slower too. There was a point when i'd unplug the phone in the mornings, and twenty minutes later the phone wold be down to 75-80% and all it was doing was chilling in my pocket. The phone completely died on me last Wednesday (RIP). I am getting the battery replaced in two days or so, but would like to know if there is any way for me to achieve the great battery life everyone seems to say this phone has. It's pretty frustrating when i get into that horrible time period because what i can do is limited, as the phone is usually dead by 3pm every day.

    Other Details
    - typically charge phone over night
    > i don't see how this could be the problem since the HTC one m8 is supposed to stop charging when it reaches 100%

    - for the first phone, I used the original charger for the first few months. when the charger broke i switched to the little white samsung fast charger. I've done much research and these fast chargers aren't supposed to be harmful to the phones battery.. but i could be wrong so anyone reading has permission to roast me if i am.

    - i somehow managed to make the charging ports of both phones loose. i don't know if broken charge ports affect how fast a phone can charge, but i really doubt it affects the battery life after being disconnected. if i am wrong you may roast me.

    - the second phone has been on battery saving mode since the moment i got it, in an attempt to prevent what happened to the first phone. but it reached its death actually quicker than the first.

    11-19-2015 12:27 AM
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    I would say either both phones were defective, or the non-original charger was defective and caused the battery to die an early death. The charge ports on the M8 are surrounded by metal, so I don't know how you got them loose. Have you been playing konkers with the phone on the cable? (Just kidding!).

    All phones with lithium cells have charge controllers, as required by law in the US, UK, and most other places. You can't over charge them or cause them to go above their specified voltage limit. However, leaving the phone plugged in for hours can affect long term use. It reaches 100% and stops charging, then when the battery level dips down a bit it charges a little more (think of it as taking a sip), and that cycle continues all night. It's not a horrible issue, and certainly not enough to make the battery die early as you describe, but if you want to maximize how well your battery holds a charge, you should install a battery alert program that lets you know when the phone is full, then unplug the phone from the charger about 10 minutes after that. My M8 is over a year old and the battery is usually around 70% when I finish work.

    If I was in your position, I would look for a GOOD local phone repair shop, and see if they will replace your battery and charge port. I have one near me that will do it for $45 US. The other option is to send the phone back to HTC if it's under warranty and has not been rooted.
    11-26-2015 07:13 PM
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    Is there an update you'd care to write for this post?

    I've had my m8 now for almost 2 years. Loved my phone. I'd charge it every night, but really, the battery never went below 20% unless I was using it all day long.

    Then about 3 weeks ago, the problem you described started. I have 2 HTC chargers. One's at home and the other is on the job. All of a sudden, neither of them was charging my phone. I took the phone to a repair shop an the guy told me my battery was swollen, which was the reason why the screen had popped up at the middle. I had noticed this raised screen, but that had been since January and the phone worked the whole time. Anyway, I took his word for it and ordered a new battery. Well the new battery is behaving the same way. Won't take a charge, and when it does, it loses the charge much faster than what I've been used to over those two years.

    I'm about to order yet another battery to see if maybe the replacement battery I got is a dud. But any info you have further would be highly appreciated.
    06-16-2016 01:06 PM

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