1. nangle's Avatar
    device : samsung galaxy note 3 neo
    battery : samsung 3100 mah
    02-19-2016 11:48 AM
  2. SpookDroid's Avatar
    There are a myriad of possible reasons why that would happen... The usual culprits (and the easiest to troubleshoot) are the cable and/or charger. Try switching USB cables or using a different USB charger to see if it improves. Remember, the less mA your charger can output, the slower the charging will be (old chargers and many PC USB ports can only output 500mA, whereas modern chargers range from 1.5 to 2 Amperes).

    If that doesn't help, then things get trickier. It could be a battery that's dying or defective, or a bad charging port/circuit. It could be the software (unlikely) but you can try charging with the device off and see if the time improves.
    02-19-2016 12:01 PM
  3. nangle's Avatar
    my charger is 2A ,. i think i should replace the usb cable and test;,,or else the charger itself1
    02-20-2016 07:49 AM

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