1. AC Question's Avatar
    Recently started having charging issues. Phone will not charge even on factory charger. Phone will either stay on the current charge level or slowly drop. The phone will only charge when completely powered down but will take a long time and not go to full capacity. Looking back I had a screen pop up that i got a battery virus. It told me to follow these steps but looked bogus so I dismissed it. Ive down the whole reset, power down and even used CM Security to sweep for viruses and used Clean Master to clean files and memory plus boost the phone performance. Phone got better one time but went back to the problems. Is this a virus or a bad factory battery. I have a GS6 Edge. Cant remove battery on my own which means more cost. Suggestions? !!
    02-27-2016 08:40 AM
  2. belodion's Avatar
    Faulty charger, USB lead, USB port, battery, or other.
    02-27-2016 09:39 AM

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