1. Pieter Rijkers's Avatar
    Actually I have 2 problems from which i ASSUME they have the same origine.

    1. When I want to charge my phone (MSTAR M1 pro) i get the message charger plugged in, but immediately the message 'charger removed".

    2, My screen freezes at random but only when I have to 'wake' the phone. Sometimes it helps to push the power button and then slide up (if i can: then it functions normaly until the phone goes in hibernation again.) contacts in the phone and on the battery are clean.

    I dont have a second battery. But could this be a battery problem? Any experiences?
    already did a factory reset. android 5.0 , no update available.

    Little example (happens while i write this). Had the battery out cause of these problems. I Put it in: cant even login cause the screen doesnt respond (picture, but no effect tapping). I take the battery out, place in in again: I can login etc. Screen goes to sleep after not using:try to wake phone up: screen freezes.
    04-25-2016 12:45 PM
  2. sydneycooper1979's Avatar
    It could definitely be a battery problem. Your charging port may also be damaged. Have you tried other cables to see if they all do the same thing?
    04-25-2016 03:32 PM

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