1. Bartolomeu Grubbenvrauhau's Avatar
    Hey guys,

    Since something about a month, my battery indicator is stuck at the percantege, which is shown when the phone is powered down. It is the only way to check real battery level, to turn the phone off, plug in charger, it shows "real" level. But when you power on, it is stuck on the same level as when powered off, no battery usage info in android settings.

    I had stock Android 6.0 on this phone, thought that it's the system issue, so I installed android 7.1 Lineage OS, previously deleting everything via TWRP, but the problem is still the same, no change.

    Phone and battery works as before, but this damned battery indicator is driving me nuts.

    Tried calibarating with software and hardware, nothing helps
    05-14-2017 05:53 AM
  2. BayK's Avatar
    Probably your battery sensor is broken. Charging level comes from the sensor, it is hardware, it might be broken
    05-23-2017 08:59 PM

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