1. unmistakable's Avatar
    Has anyone installed the new update??
    11-27-2013 10:24 PM
  2. Coach88's Avatar
    I'm a bit confused... The Bell Website says that the latest firmware for my S4 is, as suggested in this thread, 4.3 I337MVLUAMK6. However my S4 is currently running version 4.4.2 I337MVLUFNE1 and it's telling me that an update is available now. I'm proceeding with caution since I've been having problems since (I believe) the last update. I was having a problem with my device not recognizing my SIM card. The only "Fix" that worked was replacing my NFC enabled SIM card with one that doesn't support NFC. Could this be fixed with a new firmware.... Any comments?
    10-19-2014 05:04 PM

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