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    I have just released my application: 7leagues to Android App Strore and would very much appreciate your comments and suggestions.
    Android app store url: https://market.android.com/details?id=hr.cloudwalk.crant

    7leagues is about virtual objects traveling in the real world.
    These objects are called CRANTS.
    They travel using your mobile devices.

    Detailed information:

    Create crants with unique names and original description and let them travel to random destinations.

    Associate your crant with picture or make this picture be an essence of your crant.

    Explain your crants, give them personality and motives, set them on a quest with a desired goal.

    Steer them by limiting their movement to chosen direction.

    Connect you Twitter and Facebook accounts and share the creation of a new crant with your followers and friends.

    Pick up other player's crants around you that you like or find interesting, provocative, original, funny, etc.. and help them travel around the world.

    When you pick up the crant leave a comment and/or picture taken on the spot. Think of these as entries in that crant's travel journal.
    Owner will probably watch his progress and read those comments, look at pictures and learn something about a place he may never heard of before.

    Or write something about yourself, tell a joke, share a thought...

    Watch unpredictable paths your crants take, learn interesting things about places they go or people that liked them enough to pick them up and helped them travel.

    Check global toplist of most 'viral' crants and browse their paths, read their stories written in pickups.
    11-14-2011 09:10 AM