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    Hello all,

    WYMO (Watch Your Mobile Operator) is an Android friend that helps you find the cheapest mobile plan available for you in the UK market.

    Our application is in beta testing phase and we are looking for volunteers who would agree to use WYMO's services free of charge and to give us invaluable feedback on their experiences.
    If you are interested in giving our app a try and you have Android 2.3 on your phone you can download it following this link or get in touch at daniel@wymo.co.uk or david@wymo.co.uk.
    If youre a tester dont hesitate to share your questions and ideas here in this thread or via the email addresses above. Testers will be asked in a few weeks by a questionnaire as well.

    Details about how our app works:

    The app is counting incoming and outgoing calls, SMSes, MMSes, data traffic and roaming as well (due privacy reasons it only watches the first 4 numbers of phone numbers). Then it searches for the cheapest plan available on the UK market by analysing the data gathered. The user will get an email about the better offers.
    To gather sufficient amount of data the app needs a few weeks monitoring of usage. This happens automatically as the process runs in the background showing a green logo on the status bar.
    On the first start the app asks for a few data: only a valid email address and the name of your operator is required. Gender, age, education and postal code are optional.
    The main screen has 6 options:

    Show report shows the measured usage data.
    Discount numbers is where the user can add those numbers which it can call with discount prices (this helps us to be more accurate)
    Number portability is where the user can set those contacts who have different prefix than their operator (it helps us to be more accurate as well).
    Upload data to server option uploads the measured data to the server.
    Settings leads to the app settings.
    Purchase leads to the Markets in-app payment system, where the user can pay to get the cheaper offers list. The user will get an email with the list of offers and their prices. For beta testers the service is free.
    02-06-2012 09:05 AM
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    Hello everybody,

    we still have some free places for beta testers.

    Requirements: Android 2.3 smartphone with UK SIM-card.
    More information on our app and download link in previous post.

    02-13-2012 02:45 AM