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    I receive sms's from my IP cameras around my house when motion is detected. Some days there is more than usual activity and i get tons of sms's. The issue is it clogs my sms box as each sms is considered a new string (not all under the same string as if from the same contact - each sms from the camera looks like a new sms contact) and when i get too many, i actually miss texts from friends and family.

    So instead of having all the sms's from my camera's under one string and manageable, I have 100's of texts after a few days.

    I can not locate an app that does sort SMS's by keywords such as... "if subject contains 'camera' or contains 'email address' then move to string or folder. (This would have similarities to Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, or Outlook's email filtering)

    I still want to get notification of each sms that goes into the MSG Filter and see them but just under one string and not 100's clogging the sms inbox.

    Does anyone know of an app that can do this?
    02-08-2012 12:36 AM