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    Hello All,

    I am currently looking for Android tablet owners to help me test my new utility, simpleON.

    simpleON is a utility for your Android tablet that enables it to turn on using the hardware light sensor. If you have a case for your device this is a must have app. Immediately after opening the cover or removing the device from a case the screen will power on. You may also choose to automatically unlock the screen lock as well.

    simpleON uses the light sensors on your device, so this utility will only work in a lit room. It also requires low leveling monitoring of the sensors all the time, and this may affect your battery.

    Anyone interested in helping test this please shoot me an email with your device details at:

    Thank you!
    Josh McKinney
    Twisted Pixels Multimedia
    Android Market
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    02-13-2012 09:30 PM
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    I just downloaded it wish it would put the tablet to sleep when closing the case I don't think it does but it's worth buying to have it auto unlock and no ads. I see now where paying also has some sleep function too cool guess I'll buy it.
    02-26-2012 09:25 PM
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    Hello Rose4uKY,

    I definitely feel that purchasing is worth the extra functionality.

    I am currently testing an update that allows the device to turn of when it is closed. Unfortunately, due to limitations in the Android framework there is a 20 second delay between when it shuts off and when simpleON can turn the screen on again. Under normal use this shouldn't be a concern, and will be noted with the option setting.

    Another feature added with this update is the use of 24 hour clock when the system setting prefers it.

    Thank You,
    Josh McKinney
    Twisted Pixels Multimedia
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    02-27-2012 09:05 AM
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    Thanks I bought it and at 1st it wouldn't accept a license on my device and I wrote to cancel then after 5 minutes or so it started working. I set the timer to sleep from like 2am till 11am but woke up to a dead battery and I don't think it was that low when I went to bed but it's a nice app and I like it. I take my tablet to work with me every day so I put the sleep mode from 2-7 pm which is around the time I take my dinner break and I'll see if the battery drains alot again. But thanks and yes having it go off when closed would be great.
    02-27-2012 10:52 AM