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    Ultimate Alerts V3.0 is now released with many features.

    Free 7 Day Beta Test Free Trial available here

    The app allows you to set custom email alert & text alert sound settings by using our sound library, uploading your own sounds or with Text To Speech settings. Each text contact, email contact & email filter setting can have it's own unique sound setting.

    Or you can assign blanket sound settings to all emails and texts. And you can switch back and forth very easily. Highly customizable.

    Also, has a Car Mode to switch everything to Text To Speech if you travel over 10 mph. When you stop and get out of the car the Car Mode (text to speech) disables and all unique sound settings are restored.

    Try it FREE for 7 days and you'll see what a help this is for any medium to heavy email and text user.

    Get away from obsessive email and text checking and only check the messages that matter.

    Download Ultimate Alerts 7 Day Free Trial

    -Custom Android Email Alert & Android Text Alert
    -Car Mode available (Automatic & Manual) which switches all sound settings to Text To Speech.
    -Off-peak time scheduler saves battery.
    -Multiple email accounts supported
    -Repeat Alert setting
    -Clickable links
    -Clickable email addresses to easily reply within the app using any email client installed on the phone.
    -Silent mode available to just utilize visual notifications for nighttime or meeting mode.
    -Searchable email contacts and text contacts.
    -Smart, easy email account setup.
    -Highly customizable sound setting configurations allowed. Just check out the app and see.
    -Easy to use interface.
    -Keeps messages until you're ready to clear them turning your emails and texts into a To Do list as well!

    Download Ultimate Alerts 7 Day Free Trial

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    email us at info@imsono.com
    03-20-2012 05:39 PM