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    Mathematics Voice Assistent
    I would like to present my new app, that goes along with the voice recognition euphoria (Samsung Galaxy S III, Project Majel, Google Assistent).

    It is capaple to recognize your spoken recognition, to calculate it and to tell you the result - on the screen and by voice. in my opinion the good design makes the User Experience magic and the side scroll, switching to the setting and the help effect a really good work flow,

    but try by yourself !

    The app is still Beta and in further development. Please report mistakes if you find some...

    I am looking for your feedback.

    From the Play Store:
    The Mathematics Voice Assistent is a voice controlled calculator. It is able to recognize your spoken calculation, calculate it and to return the result back - spoken and written.

    It's the perfect tools for everyone, who is tired of typing in every single calculation by hand. You are now able to talk with your calculator.

    This app is still Beta and it's possible that several, minor problems can appear. Therefore please write an eMail to the developer before giving a bad rate. We can probably fix it within short time.

    Have fun with your new Mathematics Voice Assistent!

    Note: This app is working for English and German language.
    DOWNLOAD at:
    07-04-2012 05:18 AM