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  1. Steppschuh's Avatar

    Hey there!
    I'm developing an app called IntelliTasks, which is an intelligent collaborative task assignment app for iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows. The prototype won the MLOVE HackCamp a few weeks ago and I'm currently finishing the open Beta release.

    What can I do using IntelliTasks?
    Like in any "ToDo List" app out there, you can enter Tasks, ToDos or Reminders which will appear in an ordered list. This list is synced with each of your devices of course.

    But unlike other apps, IntelliTasks enables you to assign tasks to other users within a network (e.g family, co-workers, ...). In addition, the app helps you deciding which user should get the new task. It creates an intelligent ranking for each user, regarding his skills, sparetime and more.

    Usecase demonstration video
    Sounds confusing? Have a look at this business usecase example: ( )


    Excited? Become a Beta tester!
    If you like the app idea and want to support this project, stay up to date by liking IntelliTasks on FaceBook. I appreciate any feedback!
    07-11-2012 05:13 PM