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    To the best of my knowledge, except for a few single-site-specific apps, there is no general purpose engine like VoiceSee, which allows you to interactively surf any website without using your hands and without using your eyes, by simply adding a small plugin.

    The first applications based on the VoiceSee platform are still in early beta and need feedback from real-world users to improve and polish the technology to optimal usability. They can be freely downloaded from Google Play:

    Your feedback in this beta stage is much appreciated. In particular:

    • What features would like to see implemented on VoiceSee?
    • Which sites would you like to be supported on VoiceSee?
    • Have you encountered a bug or a usability issue?

    UPDATE 2012/07/24:
    Several key updates have been released in the past 11 days:
    1. Double-beep as eyes-free cue for "speak now!"
    2. Text-to-speech always US English (as long as you uncheck "Always use my settings").
    3. Timeouts for Google servers taking too long to start listening and recognizing.
    4. Shorter prompt on Wikipedia's homepage.
    5. Sadie now says what she didn't understand (i.e. what Google's speech recognizer thought you said).
    6. Welcome recording no longer played on start (moved to menu).
    7. Improved tips page.

    Language: English
    Devices: Android (version 2.2 and higher)

    Software Requirements:

    Google Voice Search must be installed on the Android phone. Note: most devices are already equipped with Google Voice Search. Otherwise, it can be freely downloaded from Google Play.

    To get the maximum effect from VoiceSee's text-to-speech, it is advised to install the Loquendo TTS Susan low cost download from Google Play. Although this isn't mandatory for VoiceSee's full functionality.
    07-13-2012 12:02 PM