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    Would love for some feedback on this new app called "Rate it". Here is description of it's function:

    "YOU have an opinion. It is time for the world to hear it. Rate thousands of items. Get behind your favorite beer, smartphone, comic character, movie, sports team, college, and SO MUCH MORE! Rate, Review, Discuss with others. It's a community for those who want to be heard and who want to make a difference. Contribute Reviews. Contribute Items to BE reviewed! YOU have the power. "

    We need your help to test out this new, engaging app looking to establish a user base who wants to (1) have fun and (2) help shape the quality of this community. And while you're there, if possible, we do want to have all bugs reported and feedback given as well.

    Don't forget to sign up for your free user account once you have Rate it installed. It's simple, easy, and as part of this beta test, it gives you access to all functionality that this application contains.

    We thank you all for your help!

    Download "Rate it!" here:
    (or search for 'Magnetiq Apps' on your device)

    Important: Requires Android 3.0+

    Beta Testers needed to Establish "Rate it!" Community-unnamed-1-.jpgBeta Testers needed to Establish "Rate it!" Community-unnamed.jpg
    09-09-2012 10:17 PM

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