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    Hello lovely and kind Android people!

    We're looking for Android users to help us test Curiosity - what's inside the cube.

    You can apply by visiting our Facebook page and filling out a short application form: 22Cans | Facebook

    To give some background if you're not familiar with Curiosity; in this experiment we give the world one massive black cube, and something amazing & life changing is hidden at the centre. Only one person will find out what that is. As the world becomes more and more curious new things are revealed. Do get the full explenation of what it is I suggest you watch Peter Molyneux' recent presentation at the Eurogamer Expo 2012 in London;

    We are looking to start our beta next week (Monday - Friday); we're looking for people who can do this remotely (so anywhere in the world!) but we're also looking for two UK based people who could come into our office starting from next week.

    Thanks everyone!
    10-05-2012 05:34 AM

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