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    qWhereAmI is an Android application that displays your location, and reverse geocodes your Gps coordinates into a friendly place name, such as "Battle Creek, Michigan" or "Chicago, Illinois." This is done using Google's, or Bing's reverse geocoding services. With the click of a button, you can save your current location. This is great for truckers who can simply click a button if they hop out of the rig for a minute, or stop for a nap, and don't feel like immediately recording information in their paperwork. The reverse geocoding service is handy just for figuring out what little town you're in. Yes, there are other applications that already do this, such as weather services, that display your location, but their location services don't update as frequently as this one does, or with as much detail.

    Your saved locations can easily be exported as Google Earth kml files, or you can import kml files. Export saved locations and share them colleagues, friends, or family. On vacation? Use qWhereAmI to save locations of places you visit, export them to kml, and open all your saved places in Google Earth for a trip down memory lane!

    Are you a truck driver that operates locally without the need for a logbook? Are you sure that you're not traveling outside the (local) range defined by the the D.O.T? Use the built in Haversine calculator to determine if a destination is within your bounds, otherwise, pull out the old logbook!

    Both Gps and Network location providers may be used, although Gps is much more accurate. Network location can sometimes be off by miles to your actual location, although if you're just using it for the reverse geocoding, it shouldn't matter that much.

    Clicking on Local Information will bring up various options, such as viewing the location on a map, getting directions from this location to X, or viewing Wikipedia data about where you're at. If you have saved a location, options are included to easily get directions to a saved location from your current position, just by clicking a button or two, or viewing the location on a map.
    Currently, the mapping links work with Google and Bing. Clicking the map links will open up Google Maps if it's on your device, otherwise, a browser will open up to Google Maps Mobile.Any navigation links will direct you to Google Navigator (Maps), or whichever navigation app you have installed. The Bing links open whatever default browser you have to display map information. Future versions may include functionality to launch the Bing app for map links and navigation.


    ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION, ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION - These two permissions allow the app to receive GPS coordinates, or network based location estimates from your device.
    ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE, INTERNET - Required to check for active data connection, and provide reverse geocoding.
    WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - Required in order to import and export Kml files.

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    Updated with Play Store link.

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    Updated to 1.0.14b - Please see the Play Store link above for the list of changes.

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