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    Hello everyone,
    hope you can support us at following project!

    We are a small group of Austrians - not that happy with the current RSS-Reader variety :-)
    Dont get us wrong, there are currently a lot of different RSS-Reader out there but they are simply not perfect. Our goal is it to create a complete and very responsive Reader experience for all your devices.
    Since the 1st of July (yeah, you may know this date :-/ ) there are some good reader applications for Chrome, some for iOS and a few for Android but what if I want to access my feed list on different devices? voil, Feedi was born!

    Alpha test sign up on www.feedi.org
    To accomplish our vision of Feedi, we need your support Alpha tester!
    Alpha testers are able to use this service completely free AND you have the possibility to receive a discount on your purchase of our final product.
    We are very happy for feedback on all bugs you encounter at: bug@feedi.org

    Feature list
    Sync across all your devices (Web, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BB10)
    Different views for your feed list
    Manage your feed list for a better overview (Folder, Colours, )
    Add comments to your subscribed news (including hash tags)
    Add a rating to your subscribed news
    Overview of trending news and comments
    Feed browser (most subscribed news feeds, news with most comments, )
    API for third party app developers
    We are happy for your feature wish list at: info@feedi.org

    Social Media
    If you want to show your support and stay tuned on our plans, follow us!

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    08-27-2013 11:33 PM

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