1. Kim Strom's Avatar
    Attention Android users! We're currently working on a bundle solution for your positioning and security needs on your Android smartphone.

    We're now looking for community feedback on the first two plugins in the ENAiKOON GPS-suite: "Mobile Finder" and "Open CellId", both made to ease your mind by tracking your cellphone as well as backing up contacts.

    The two plugins' core functionalities are implemented, now we need your feedback to push the suite in the right direction. As a beta tester, your opinion and suggestions will be imperative for our future development.

    Please visit GPS-suite.com to download the beta, and don't forget to give us your feedback!

    Happy testing!

    ENAiKOON on Facebook
    11-18-2010 05:48 AM
  2. eze036's Avatar
    tryed the app twice on htv evo with 2.2......both times app wouldnt work and it force closed almost 80% i opened app when it didnt forces close it would freeze...i even wiped evo n tryed it, still had the same problem
    11-23-2010 08:17 AM