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    I have ported my flash video conference app at ReelPortal to Air 2.5 for Android 2.2, which should allow it access to the camera/microphone.

    The Android version is currently available on AppsLib market:


    If you can't access AppsLib, you can download the apk file here:

    You'd need to have Android 2.2 (froyo) on
    your device. Please follow these steps to install:

    1) Install the free Adobe AIR 2.5 runtime from the Android Market

    2) Enable you device to install apps outside of Android Market
    (Go to Applications—> Settings –> Applications—> Turn ON “Unknown sources”)

    3) Download and install the reelportal.apk file from

    Reelportal is a room-centric application. While you can call other
    people if you know their nicks, you will automatically connect to
    everyone in a room when you enter it, without knowing their nicks.

    Audio test:

    a) On your computer, go to www.reelportal.com.
    b) Join/create a room "X" (or any room name you want)
    c) Enable the microphone (button 9 should go green)

    d) On your android device, launch the reelportal app
    e) Join the same room "X", to automatically connect to your computer
    f) Enable the microphone (button 9 should go green)

    Your computer and android device should now be connected and streaming
    audio to each other. Is the audio intelligible on both devices? Is there echo on either?

    If the audio test was OK, then follow on with the webcam test: enable webcam (button 9 & 10 should go green) on both devices.

    Your computer and android device should now be streaming video/audio to each other. Video puts a very heavy burden on the CPU, so it may not work well.
    12-11-2010 12:19 AM