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    I'm currently working on an application that allows to navigate your last.fm charts/friends/neighbours/recommandations, and automatically generate playlists out of it (for example, a playlist based on the last 7 days top tracks of your neighbours, with the option of filtering tracks/artists that are already on your tops).

    Each listed song/album can be listened directly into Spotify or Grooveshark Android apps by pressing it in my app (for Premium/VIP users).

    For now, playlist are generated as emails, with Spotify uris that you can directly paste into the spotify desktop app (create a playlist, paste the generated list and there you go), or as tinysong.com urls for Grooveshark.
    Full integration with your Spotify/Grooveshark account is coming real soon, with playlist generated directly into your account.
    Playlist can as well be generated as plain text emails, in the form "Artist - Track name".

    I'd need a few testers for this app before shipping it to the Market.

    It'll be a free ad-supported app .

    Some screenshots :

    If you're interested email me at aloudroid@gmail.com and I'll send you a download link (for now, I only have a test key to last.fm api).
    02-18-2011 05:11 AM