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    Hello androidcentral members!

    We are about to launch PadKite in the Android market and we are currently collecting feedback from real users. Beta version now available for download at http://padkite.com/download.

    PadKite is also an excellent app for tablets so we are also looking for people to test it on their tablets. Whether your multitouch device is a phone or tablet. Your feedback is very important to us. For any questions, please reply to this post or contact us at http://padkite.com/contact-us.

    More about PadKite™: PadKite™ is the first multi-touch mobile mouse created to manage the tiny content on our cellphone screens. Never fumble or miss a target again. Breeze through favorite websites in a flash with customizable multitouch gestures. Post media and text to Facebook, Twitter, and blogs, all at the swoop of a fingertip. Like a mouse, PadKite™ features a floating cursor that can be dragged and controlled, but still allows as to see the content below. PadKite™ makes fast and precise selections of text, links, and media content and with its powerful gesture kit allows users to instantly post selected content such as texts, photos, videos or links to social networks, simply by drawing a letter that represents the defined gesture; for instance, swiping an “F” to post at Facebook or a > (beak) to post at Twitter, @ to send an e-mail, also works for youtube, Wikipedia, Google Search & Translate.

    Visit us at www.padkite.com. Media questions? Contact us at marketing@roamtouch.com .
    02-21-2011 01:27 PM
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    Hi androidcentral,

    Hope you are enjoying flying the web with PadKite, the first multitouch mobile mouse.

    Currently we are making adjustments in order to run in all versions. This requires a lot of effort however it will allow PadKite to run in almost all devices. If you want to run on a Gingerbread version, let us know via our contact form and it will be delivered shortly Contact us.

    Some users have experienced problems with Android versions of FRG83D and FRG83. We are currently looking into this and we will come up with a solution shortly. If you have problems, running PadKite on your Froyo, please contact us via our contact form at Contact us or join our beta program Beta Program. We need as much information as possible from our users (especially from Logcat users). Also, take part in our beta program and you will be the first to get updated on new versions.

    Please follow PadKite on Twitter and get up-to-date info on new builds at PadKite on Twitter.

    Thanks for helping us make PadKite even better!


    PadKite Team
    02-24-2011 10:10 PM
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    When I try to open PadKite on my rooted Samsung Fascinate, it force closes, I will try to download again and reinstall

    I tried both froyo versions, but both force closed. I'm running 2.2.1, Superclean 2.9.2, build Eb01 Kernel
    04-13-2011 12:12 AM