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    Hey folks,
    I'm looking for testers for my photo editing and painting app Canvas. Specifically, I'm looking for tablet users as I have yet to pick up a Xoom or Galaxy Tab for myself, but feel free to test it on any phone you have on you as well. You can download it by searching for "Canvas" on the Android market or scanning the QR code at the bottom of this post.

    Here's a few of the features just so you get an idea of the app:

    Multiple Layers:
    Canvas has great support for adding, rearranging, and merging layers. The number of layers is only limited by the amount of memory in your phone (though the lite version is capped at 2).

    Custom Brushes:
    Not only does Canvas allow you to pick different brushes, but you can also create your own brush right from within the app, or from a 50x50 image. Lacking your favorite photoshop brush? Save it as a .png and import it into Canvas.

    Robust Selection System:
    Canvas includes a powerful lasso selection system that lets you cut, copy, and paste selections between layers, or even multiple files. No other editing app includes this feature.

    Fluid UI
    The UI of Canvas was designed to put everything right at your fingertips. No more with the cluttered menus and screens. Every tool you'll need are literally only two presses away.

    Full Multi-touch Support
    Canvas supports Multi-touch panning and zooming for most every phone on the market.


    Check out Canvas by:
    - Searching for "Canvas" in the Android market
    - Visiting Canvas - Android Painting and Image Editing
    - Scanning the following QR code

    The free version of Canvas is limited to 2 layers and 2 brushes. I hate to do it, but otherwise I would make no return on my investment. Plus, the full version costs only the price of a pack of gum!

    Feel free to send me any bug reports, suggestions, or questions at guynoir.android<@>gmail.com!

    Thanks to everyone for the help and support!
    - John
    02-27-2011 10:07 PM