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    Raai News is an RSS and ATOM news feed reader that you can train to understand the kind of articles you like and dislike. As you provide feedback to the app it gradually learns what interests you, so that when it downloads new articles from your feeds it will arrange them in the order it thinks you will like them with the most relevant at the top. The more you train the app the more effective it will be, so please be patient with it and allow it to build up a decent knowledge base.

    If it gives a high rating to an article you don't like, simply tell the app you dislike it and the app will update its knowledge base accordingly.

    As downloading and analysing the articles can be quite draining on both the battery and your 3G data allowance, the app can be configured to only download articles when charging and/or using WiFi. You can also configure it to download your articles overnight if you like.

    For viewing articles, if you are on a WiFi connection the app will always try to download the full article content, but if you are on 3G it will use the cached version from the feed for faster loading, although you can configure this option in the settings menu.

    Any feedback would be appreciated. If you encounter any problems I would prefer if you contact me so I can investigate rather than giving the app a bad rating in the market. My email address is on the page below. The app can be downloaded from this page, but I recommend you download it from Google's Android Market so you will get updates.

    Home page: Raai News

    Market link: http://market.android.com/details?id...rloid.raainews
    03-30-2011 04:56 PM