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    We have a tool that records and uploads video from your phone. It has a couple of cool uses for UX designers and creating tutorials, but it was really designed for developers to use when testing a new app. The biggest bummer right now is your phone needs to be rooted.

    Basically you launch the app, it begins recording, then you launch the app that you're testing, do your stuff, then end the session, it uploads it to our site. Once on the site you and people want to collaborate with can view the session, add comments, share it with others.

    The coolest part is the debug log is running concurrently with the video so if your app crashes or hits a bug you can see exactly what the user was trying to do and the logs at the same time.

    Sample Videos (only works with chrome right now)

    If it looks like something you'd like to check out we'd love to have you part of our beta user group. Link is for the 'sign up' for the beta Contact | Touchtech
    03-30-2011 04:44 PM