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    We live in the information age and it seems so normal to know everything about everyone all the time. As demonstration of this, in recent months are growing the software called LBS (Location Based Service), these softwares that offer services based on geographical location . Having in mind all this, in mid-December 2010 I decided to start Local Streamer.

    Localstreamer is a software that search news and events in any city. The information retrieved from socialnetwork (facebook, twitter, foursquare,...) and from the engine News "Microsoft Bing" are displayed to the user. You can find it on the Internet at this address Welcome to Localstreamer.com - We make the earth more social. . In addition to the Web version is now also a version for iPhone and Android.

    What you can do once you've installed and started the program on your beloved smartphone? The features offered are two:

    1. you can search for any location on earth
    2. you can allow the program to identify your location (making a geolocation)

    Once identified and selected locations in the first or second case, by clicking on the name (first case) or on the News button (second case), after several seconds depending on the speed of your Internet connection, you will watch on your mobile device a list where you can find the statuses from Facebook and Twitter posts talking about the selected city. Top right, there is the "update" button, you can click it if you want to start the search again. People continuously publish information on socialnetworks, then you'll see the news appear on your screen.

    What do you think? If you have any idea about a possible improvement I could put it in a future release. The development does not end here! You can find it on the Android market.. looking for "localstreamer" or directly at:


    04-15-2011 08:58 AM

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