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    AirMessage - iMessage on Android!
    Hello Internet!
    I'm looking for testers for my new application - AirMessage! AirMessage allows Mac users to participate in iMessage conversations on Android devices. AirMessage is available in beta on the Play Store via an invite (more information below)!

    What is AirMessage, and how does it work?
    AirMessage is a service which allows people to use iMessage on their Android phone. It contains a server component, and a client component. The server is to be installed on a Mac computer to route messages to and from the client app. You need a Mac computer and an Android smartphone.

    What can it do?
    AirMessage contains most of the features you get on iMessage! This includes sending and receiving messages, attachments and even receiving Apple's "bubble / screen effects" and tapback responses - though these iMessage-specific features can only be viewed.

    Is it secure?
    Your messages are yours, and not accessible to the developers. The server runs on your computer and the data remains on your systems. All communication between the client and the server is encrypted, and the server is password-protected.

    Does it work? Can I help test it?
    It sure does work! I've been able to send and receive messages and attachments without an issue. However, it isn't ready for public use yet. AirMessage hasn't been fully tested, so there are bound to be bugs. To solve this, I'll be starting a testing group which willing early adopters can join.

    How does the testing group work?
    The test is a closed beta release. Accepted users will be placed into a G+ community, where they will have access to the app, and be able to talk with myself and other testers about the service.

    If you want to be part of the beta, there are a few things you'll need to have first:
    - A computer running macOS 10.11 (El Capitan) or higher with iMessage set up
    - A smartphone running Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) or higher
    - A Google (G+) community account (to participate in the beta)
    - Some technical know-how

    Once you've got all that, send an email to hello@airmessage. org with the subject "AirMessage Beta Testing" stating your name, E-Mail address (associated with your Google account), and any background information you'd like to share. You'll receive further instructions if / once you're accepted.

    Will it cost anything?
    Once AirMessage is released, it will be available for free to anyone who wishes to download it.
    The project is non-commercial, so the app will remain free for as long as it exists.

    Here are some screenshots of the app:

    [APP] AirMessage - iMessage on Android - Testers wanted!-image.jpg
    [APP] AirMessage - iMessage on Android - Testers wanted!-image-2.jpg
    [APP] AirMessage - iMessage on Android - Testers wanted!-image-3.jpg
    [APP] AirMessage - iMessage on Android - Testers wanted!-image-4.jpg
    11-20-2017 08:47 PM

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