1. Fable's Avatar
    So I was more interested in this device than the RAZR and have been looking for more detailed information on how it might integrate with my Bionic. Looking at the Motorola website it appears that the watch is not a heart rate monitor without the optional and special headsets. This is disappointing.

    Moto does a few things right. It creates interesting accessories (lapdocks, multimedia docks, and now this health interface) and they actually update their phones. Maybe they will offer a package on this.. But the watch alone appears to be an integrated ipod for android. I can already stream my phone to my bluetooth headset. I was hoping for a complete package and im not sure this android addon is as cool as they made it seem.

    Im still probably gonna check it out for Xmas, but I may opt for a new Bodybugg with android support.
    10-20-2011 10:20 AM