1. BasPilot's Avatar
    So, I love my bionic and we all know that. What I really find cool is the standard dock of the bionic and how actually versatile it is. I have a normal battery, extended battery, a silicon case for the standard, a plastic clip on case for the regular, and a plastic clip on case for the extended. Every single one of these cases work for the bionic standard dock as well as the extended as well as the phone works not in the dock. Great job on the design part of Motorola for making everything work so well. Oh, and all of the cases are by various non moto manufacturers.
    11-26-2011 11:25 PM
  2. mwyarm's Avatar
    For some of us we are not as happy with the car navigation dock. As a personal preference and for dashboard space, I want to use the car navigation dock in portrait mode. Unfortunately, Motorola decided to complete override their own design by disabling auto-rotate and thus the phone cannot detect portrait and it displays everything in landscape. I am experiencing with some apps to kill the car dock app as I need the dock for power but I would like the phone to return to the native portrait screen. However, while some apps can kill the car dock app it does not solve the problem. If anyone has found an app that completely returns the phone to portrait I would love to hear about the app. Unforutnately Mortorola's response is that is the way it was designed. When asked why they did not let the phone detect the auto-rotate they were clueless and just repeated that is the way it was designed.
    11-28-2011 10:20 PM