1. Rhuarc's Avatar
    The automation tool Tasker was mentioned on a podcast that I listen to and after getting my Bionic I thought it would be the perfect tool to use to turn off the 4G radio when the screen is turned off. This way when I am not using the phone it would not be draining the battery, but I could still benefit from the faster speeds.

    When I try to use the radio option inside of Tasker it tells me that the action is not available on this device. I thought it was a problem with the phone not being rooted, so I rooted it. Still doesn't work!

    Has anyone tried controlling the radios on their Bionic using Tasker? I really think some custom profiles in Tasker could greatly benefit the battery life!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    09-12-2011 09:41 AM
  2. wordsauce's Avatar
    I have been trying to do the exact same thing without luck. Unfortunately I think we will have to wait until tasker is updated for the Bionic or a custom ROM is released.
    09-13-2011 09:41 PM