1. Bionic72's Avatar
    I just could not wait for the official ICS so decided to flash it. I had a rooted phone. FXZ back to 902 then up to 905, wiped from recovery then updated from SD. The process stopped almost immediately. I am getting an E: signature verification failure, and then it aborts and I have to reboot the phone. I can not find anything on the signature verification failure anywhere. Can anyone please help?
    09-10-2012 11:46 PM
  2. soulsurvives's Avatar
    Could be a bad .232 file....also were you none stock on .905? And was that .905 an ota?.....also pretty sure you don't need to do a wipe when going from .905 to .232......I'm thinking you may have gotten a bad .232 file.....try to find a different one and do it all over.....good luck.....ics is great on here.....
    09-12-2012 10:28 AM

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