1. jethead102's Avatar
    Hey all,

    I'm new to the rooting/ROM scene, and recently rooted my Bionic to get past all of that Motorola crap. I've followed all directions posted on this forum and successfully rooted the phone. I've downloaded and loaded within Safestrap 3.11 a ROM for the latest of Eclipse, Blurrymaxx, and stripped Icarus, and after wiping the cache, Dvalik cache, and factory resetting the ROMs, I reboot the phone (all through Safestrap) and the phone will get past the safestrap loading screen, then nothing. It is just black. The only way to get any responsiveness from the phone is to pull the battery, start it up, and reboot into the stock ROM. How do I get past this? I searched the other threads and could find nothing. Thanks!
    06-03-2013 10:05 PM
  2. LDubs's Avatar
    What os are you on? In settings about phone. Sounds like you're installing ROMs that aren't compatible with your os.

    sent from my beantastic Bionic
    06-16-2013 10:47 PM

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