1. dvlad3006's Avatar
    I got a Keyone recently, but there are a couple of issues regarding the synchronization of the e-mails:

    - Gmail account crashed suddenly with the message: "syncing in progress, please wait for a while to complete", but this was never stopping. Solution: factory reset.
    - the Microsoft Exchange account stopped working without any message. Solution: reinstalling the account. Today is the third time with the same issue.
    - Facebook account: High-res pictures synced with Sync-Me app only.
    - Facebook calendar: Events, birthdays, synced with Calendar Sync for Facebook, app by Shadowfury.

    Did you, guys, have problems with the sync? Is this a Hub issue, Android/Blackberry issue?

    I've start missing the previous Z30. Everything above were fine before. Without doing nothing on it, I had everything
    06-30-2017 09:55 PM
  2. christenmartin's Avatar
    no problems with anything syncing. pretty effortless. wish I had answer for you.
    07-02-2017 12:44 AM
  3. Conceptgate's Avatar
    I think your problem with Exchange is the Sync ME app. I had the same problem with Gravatar (read below).

    Setup exchange/office 365 account on the Hub, seems fine then after syncing a few times it stops working. I have finally pinned down the problem to Gravatar I think. It is a service that gets automatically setup to enrich contact photos in the Contacts app, and runs in the background. However, with this service on, as soon as it runs then the Hub won't sync anymore for the exchange account. I'm guessing the problem is that when the Hub tries to sync, it tries to upload new contact photos enriched by Gravatar to exchange, and silently fails, effectively causing sync to fail all the time after that.

    Solution is to disable Gravatar sync under Settings->Accounts->Gravatar, and then remove the Exchange account, and then add it again (so the contacts get initially synced again clean without the Gravatar enrichment). After this sync seems to run fine.
    09-21-2017 11:18 PM
  4. Amit1911's Avatar
    Dear all,
    I have bbkey one..all my contacts are synced with emails so I don't loose them.
    But since this phone one strange thing..
    My contacts are synced with 3 different emails..
    When I go out of wifi to mobile data..contacts from one of emails will not show..only like unsaved numbers..
    I have to delete that accout and reinstall again and all contacts will come back and same happened vice versa when from mobile data I come to a wifi.
    Can anyone help please..?
    09-30-2017 08:17 AM

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