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    I did a factory wipe on my K1-black this morning, Never agreeing to anything except when forced to during the reinstall. Then went through and disabled and/or force stopped everything Blackberry. Downloaded and installed Google Launcher from Play Store.

    Then loaded one song on phone for testing.

    Tested 7 times in car, between each time shut off car, took phone to other end of house, 30 feet away from car, went back in car and restarted, each time the Bluetooth connected, and the song played over the car.

    I'll continue to leave phone like this for a few days, but this is the best that I've seen my phone connect, before at best I would manually connect for a good connection and at most that would only work automatically for the next connection, then any connection after that the faulty song play was faulty.

    So, blackberry app, at least one of them or a certain combination appears to be the fault of why Bluetooth connection and playing is faulty??? Maybe, maybe not, but If this continues well for me in the next two days, then I will stand on a soap box and declare BB apps are the fault!!!

    Note: On my K1black, the Bluetooth did connect, but the sound did one of two things; played off the phone and not off car, or the sound did connect to the car but got stuck in a 1 sec play then then start for 1 sec, over and over again, PS My car takes 2-3 minutes to complete connection and music to start, make sure you wait.

    7PM 11/14/2017: Worked flawlessly today, worked 4 times today, I'm leaning strongly that a BB APP or BB Launcher is the cause of sound problems in Bluetooth.
    11-14-2017 07:21 AM

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