11-29-2013 04:34 AM
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  1. blackops#IM's Avatar
    Very true....here I am.....well I will probably be a ***** and well since I have a big big big problem and addiction. I am a technology gadget geek ***** so I am sure I will be visiting every blog site and what not out there.......

    But I do have my Droid and so here come the newb questions and screwups.....
    11-06-2009 05:35 PM
  2. Adiliyo's Avatar
    People talk about the droid being an IPhone killer, but it will probably take a bigger chunk out of RIM. I've liked my BB but I'm fed up with the browser and the inflexibility of the interface. My fear (I haven't jumped yet) is that I'll find the droid less functional in terms of the PDA functions. For messaging, putting down an appt. adding an address, the bb is just plain fast, simple and functional kind of like the old Palms were. I want more bells and whistles and some good connectivity by I don't want to do it by sacrificing too much practical workability.
    i think this is especially true for current verizon subscribers. generally speaking, if you had verizon and a smartphone, it was a blackberry.

    now we have options, and like many new users on here i got tired of waiting for RIM to innovate and cater to the crowd who don't want a 100% business oriented phone.

    hopefully this will get RIM to take the demographic more seriously and do something to try and entice us to come back...
    11-06-2009 05:42 PM
  3. TootNBerry's Avatar
    No more storming for me I'm a DDDrrrroiddd
    11-06-2009 05:48 PM
  4. JKaytheISH's Avatar
    let's bring over the positive and not the typical flaming, and stupid crap.
    It'd be sad to realize that we're no better than locusts. lol
    11-06-2009 06:08 PM
  5. Roy Aguilera's Avatar
    Got mine today. I hate the new learning curve after being a BB Genious, but love the phone.
    11-06-2009 06:09 PM
  6. Mitch R.'s Avatar
    The Android forum over on CB is pretty active, lots of threads/posts about this phone!
    11-06-2009 06:10 PM
  7. Roark's Avatar
    I am actually labeled as BlackBerry Master in our Exchange directory...jumped ship today to Droid. I really do think that Android will become the leading smartphone OS...I figured I better jump in now so that I can become the Android Master.

    I personally made the jump to Google Everything about 8 months ago and I have not looked back. Stopped using Outlook and went straight Gmail. All my clients are now on Google Apps and loving it.

    And BB was just too slow getting the google experience, the sync was good but still lacking in many areas. So here I am in a new Droid. Well it will be here in a couple of days.

    I really do think it would be a good idea to have a section for Crack addicts to get Droid'd up. I am already compiling a list of apps to install ASAP.

    BTW, My name is Roark, and I USED to be a Crackhead.
    11-06-2009 06:28 PM
  8. SharonW's Avatar
    Hey crackheads, I've got a question for all of you. I'm curious as to what the learning curve was like for you on your first BB keyboard compared to what you think it will be like on the Droid. For example, did it just come naturally or was there an adjustment period and if so how long.

    Just wondering if any of you think you simply won't be able to get along on this keyboard.

    Full Disclosure: I'm invested in Motorola and I think the Droid is a BB killer, which when you think about it is more fierce than just an iPhone killer given that BB actually has a bigger market share.

    Further disclosure, I was going to buy a Pre, but jumped ship when I saw this phone three weeks ago on BGR. I can't believe I'm actually going to go to a more expensive network to do this. That part hurts. Really. Hurts.
    11-06-2009 07:11 PM
  9. ScootD's Avatar
    @SharonW, I can't really give you an opinion on the Keyboard scene as my first BB was the storm (no physical keyboard). I did go into a VZW store tonight to play with the droid as I pln on getting one, hopefully in 2 weeks (when my contract is 1 year old).

    My initial impressions were that the moto Droid was a really nice phone but didn't blow me away. Never fear the Storm didn't blow me away either but I really like it now. I found myself having issues typing on the virtual keyboards, more so than on the storm. I think it has more to do with learning how to get the most out of the droid versus what I'm used to on the Storm.

    All-in-all the phone looks sweet and I plan on switching to droid in the near future (whenever I get the best deal and am tired of waiting) as I feel the BB OS is just to anchored. I'm not on BES for BB and there really aren't any security concerns for my company email so that's not an issue. Plus, I can wait 10 more minutes to get my email compared to a BB (if it takes longer) as I don't need to be THAT connected.
    11-06-2009 07:45 PM
  10. mclarryjr's Avatar
    After 12 hours of having the Droid I seem to be a little better with it compared to my first blackberry (curve). I don't think the Droid is easier to learn I think I'm just getting better at using a smart phone. I had a moto Q before my blackberry and they were worlds apart in my eyes.

    I really like the keyboard and learning pretty quick I did get some practice using the storm for 6 months. I can type much faster on a landscape touch screen then a physical keyboard.

    I have to say that I love this phone!!!
    11-06-2009 07:53 PM
  11. RNCCRN9706's Avatar
    I'm taking my S2 back in the morning and getting the Droid!! I can't WAIT!! While the Storm2 is ok...RIM certainly needs a better OS with a better native web browser.
    11-06-2009 07:59 PM
  12. Tennessee's Avatar
    Seems like a lot of wives/girlfriends inherited blackberrys today..lol
    And Daughters.
    11-06-2009 08:03 PM
  13. Ret.Lt-SA's Avatar
    So how many of you Stormers find that you are trying to press down on the screen when you type
    11-06-2009 08:06 PM
  14. largeselection's Avatar
    I too am missing my BBM, but not a thing else. The droid is sweeeeettt!!! I've still got my tour and 29 days to test out the droid, but I can't see BB's hold over me lasting I think I'm becoming an android addict!!!!
    11-06-2009 08:18 PM
  15. SharonW's Avatar
    Thanks to those of you who've answered so far! I'd love to hear more from the other crackheads, too, about their keyboarding experiences.

    I would think that as long as you don't feel like flinging your Droid against a wall in two weeks you're already out living the original Storm owners.
    11-06-2009 10:06 PM
  16. chuckthepilot's Avatar
    So how many of you Stormers find that you are trying to press down on the screen when you type
    Haven't had an issue with that, but I did catch myself sending off a text and then trying to "swipe down" the physical keyboard.
    11-06-2009 10:54 PM
  17. Sooks's Avatar
    So how many of you Stormers find that you are trying to press down on the screen when you type
    had this issue when i got it this morning it was so hard learning to not press hard again lol , but now that im used to it im flying on that keyboard
    11-06-2009 10:56 PM
  18. barnettj's Avatar
    Well I don't have the sexy Droid like all of you. I have the G1 on T-Mobile. But I am a Crackberry defector. I defected about three months ago. I had the 8830, 8330, and then the 9530 on Verizon. When we switched to TMO, I wanted to switch to a phone with the Android OS. At the time, the G1 was the only one. The MyTouch hadn't been released at that time.
    Anyway, I'm glad you're all here. When I first came over here, it was pretty quiet. I believe this place has started hopping now.
    11-06-2009 11:19 PM
  19. salanester's Avatar
    Haven't had an issue with that, but I did catch myself sending off a text and then trying to "swipe down" the physical keyboard.
    I've got swipe down syndrome myself, I've done it like 20 times. Old habits die hard.
    11-07-2009 12:43 AM
  20. rip14's Avatar
    I will miss CB. Goodbye to my Storm, hello DROID!!!
    11-07-2009 06:58 AM
  21. Altruistic_BS's Avatar
    *raises cup of coffee* it's good to be here lol

    copped the Droid last night online (after 8PM, paid for overnight shipping, so i'm hoping to see it on Monday, since i coincidentally have the day off). the GF currently uses the Curve 8330, but she's getting my current Tour.

    I went to the local verizon store and played with the S2, Eris and Moto Droid. Realized surepress wasn't for me, the Eris is very slick, but the Droid made me drool instantly. Yes, I was "that guy" who hogged the display unit for 15 minutes...you commonly refer to us as "douchebags."

    **edit** phone shipped. delivery on Monday. it should be a fantastic day off
    11-07-2009 09:37 AM
  22. The Antagonist's Avatar
    I'm onboard. I agree with Sooks earlier post about not leaving CB completely, but the amount of trolling between forums needs to die down a bit.

    Any way I can transfer my post count from CB and become an Android Master
    11-07-2009 09:38 AM
  23. jjenson's Avatar
    I just came over from Crackberry as well and my wife got my S1 and so I will continue to go there to help her out with her phone. Iloved that site.

    I am very excited to now be a DroidHead. This phone has been amazing already and can't wait for 2.0 apps to start being produced. Will be great ot modify and do what I want with the phone.

    Funny I wouldn't even own this phone if I would have won the Video Contest over at Crackberry but since that didn't happen here I am.
    11-07-2009 10:45 AM
  24. hanano17's Avatar
    I'll be joining soon, I'm tired of my Storm plus i'm a tech junkie...but I have to wait another 2 weeks to get the upgrade. DAMN, why can't they let me early! Oh well, my brother is defecting too and says its awesome, and unlike the Storm reviews last year, most have been glowing remarks (especially where it matters). Sounds like a win for me this time.
    11-07-2009 03:06 PM
  25. cozper's Avatar
    I thought I was happy with my original Storm, and it certainly met my needs while I was using it, but after getting the Droid yesterday I realized what I had been missing. The Droid is a vastly more polished device, and Android is awesome.

    Nice to see some familiar folks around here!
    11-07-2009 03:19 PM
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