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    Hey folks just trying to get some other thoughts on this as I am torn. As we all know the BB Playbook will be here in 2011 and as we also know it can tether to BB phones. I still have my Tour and love it and have a lot a friends on BBM. I purchased my Evo the second day and love it as a phone, but here's the thing for me I wish there were some things Android had that BB does (bbm, the security,) So I am truly leaning to go back to BB but there are some things I would like to get other views on. Now I'm sure your about to ask "why not get the Galaxy tab?" Well for reasons i just stated above and also and this one is kinda important...The Android OS is on SO MANY devices made by so many companies, and new ones come every few months I don't want to buy a Galaxy Tab plus a contract just to see it out dated in six months with a new sprint product with options that the Tab should have had on it in the first place. I know I hated getting my Evo just to hear about the next Android coming was going to knock it off the top. All that being said riddle me this

    1.What are the chances of Xda folks being able to make it possible to tether the Playbook to the Evo?

    2. With the state of RIM right now would any of you trade out you Evos for blackberry's and Playbooks?

    3. And what do you all think about the Evos being compatible with the Galaxy or any Android Tablet as far as the playbook is suppose to be.

    10-10-2010 09:28 PM
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    Your evo should tether to a Playbook. Without the need of xda doing anything

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    10-10-2010 10:04 PM