1. ChuckG73's Avatar
    I recently traded my BB Storm 2 for an HTC Eris and love it. I will be buying the Nexus One as soon as it comes out for Verizon in 21 days. I am trying to convince my wife to get rid of her BB Curve and take the Eris when I get the N1. She refuses and says she likes her phone and does not want to lose BB messenger. However she has added Google Talk oh her BB and most of her BB buddies have done the same.....Please help. I used to be a blackberry addict as well, but how can I convince her to make the big switch?
    03-02-2010 05:25 PM
  2. doogald's Avatar
    Honestly, if she is happy with her phone, why would you want to force her to switch to something else? I'm not a fan of BB, but I understand why people love them. Let her keep the phone she wants to keep.
    03-02-2010 05:35 PM
  3. CrackMonkey91's Avatar
    Maybe Android Does not want her, some people just cant understand its greatness!!!!!!!!!!
    03-02-2010 05:38 PM
  4. ChuckG73's Avatar
    I would never make her switch but I know if she gave it an honest try, shw would make the switch
    03-02-2010 06:04 PM
  5. that1bb's Avatar
    Same thing here. If my wife is happy, we all are happy. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. :-) cheers!
    03-02-2010 07:21 PM
  6. Rusty Shackelford's Avatar
    Same scenario. Wife is on the 9700 bold and I cant convince her to switch. Maybe show her the turn by turn navigation! It didn't work for me, maybe you will fare better!
    03-03-2010 02:35 AM
  7. li2327's Avatar
    The browser alone was enough for me to switch from a storm2 to the eris. My husband has learned to live with my phone fetish..
    03-03-2010 07:50 AM
  8. ancient_dragon's Avatar
    Well all you can do is show what you consider to be the greatest features of Android that she is missing out on. If none of those features tickles her fancy, and she still thinks her BB is better, then maybe it is the better phone "for her". I mean, a phone's worth varies very differently from individual to individual. Sometimes BB or Palm just fit a different crowd than an Android device. So they may be really no reason to try and make her switch, if its truly what she wants, after you inform her of the differences.
    03-03-2010 04:07 PM
  9. iberrychick's Avatar
    first of all - if she is happy with the storm, don't push it. however, you can tell her that i as a female just gave up my storm one for a htc droid eris and LOVE it. cannot believe how much i love this phone. OMG! so very cool. if there is anyway she could play with one for herself for a couple of weeks, then she might come over to the droid side.
    03-03-2010 04:50 PM
  10. passtheboll's Avatar
    I'm currently a BB user, but I'm switching to Android within the next few weeks. What got me to switch was the poor quality of the Tour. It's not the only BlackBerry device for Verizon, but it's been a bad enough of an experience to turn me off of BlackBerrys. I will miss BBM, but I think the Android devices are much more appealing. Has she actually used one for an extended period of time? Or is she just basing it off of what she has seen?
    03-04-2010 10:02 PM
  11. anon(12291)'s Avatar
    Show her the Android's browser, as well as Google Navigation.
    03-29-2010 08:23 AM
  12. doctorg23's Avatar
    What is the texting function like on the Android OS?

    I figure if I get the unlimited texting plan, then I won't really miss BBM as much...
    04-19-2010 02:42 PM
  13. that1bb's Avatar
    Texting is great. All SMS and mms messages are combined. Install Handcent and you will never look back.
    04-23-2010 01:15 AM
  14. Pinetaronliberty's Avatar
    I hate the droid and wish I still had my BB . This Droid does not have some features that I came to love on the BB and the programing will not allow it . Even now this dam piece of device will not send my mail from outbox and the fixes that I find here will not work . NO the droid is no great thing ( thumbs down)
    03-13-2014 06:24 AM
  15. Sean Fanelli's Avatar
    gl prying someone from a bold....people get attached to thoes
    04-28-2014 09:07 PM
  16. neonworm's Avatar
    gl prying someone from a bold....people get attached to thoes
    04-28-2014 09:13 PM
  17. someguy01234's Avatar
    Wow, this thread is like 4 years old, why did you resurrect it?
    04-29-2014 02:40 AM
  18. Nikc Andreev's Avatar
    Honestly, if she is happy with her phone, why would you want to force her to switch to something else?
    10-06-2014 04:15 AM