08-03-2011 09:57 AM
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    After 15+ years with Verizon, we are terminating our contract August 1. We love our phones (Fascinate and Droid 1) and the service is unimpeachable. BUT, even with a 25% government employee discount, the charges for our plan, fees, etc. are absolutely ridiculous. We just bought two Prevails and went with Boost for $50/month per phone for unlimited talk, text, and mobile. Will we miss Verizon's awesome coverage? Without a doubt. But saving over $100/month will help us be more than forgiving. And, what it we decide in six months to switch? No problemo.
    Ha that exactly what I've been telling people. I was with them for about 16 year, Verizon. And even with my corporate discount 20% just like you stack and add the taxes, 2 phone almost 200 bucks a month. What a joke! I first got on virgin mobile when the OV came out. Then the Prevail came out and put the wifes on boost plan. We saving over a 100 a month as well. We kept the better "smart phone" we had from Verizon and when we go on a trip and are unsure if we will have service, we just buy a prepaid card for that carrier for a just in case. But to be honest with you, the places we've been that we thought the either phones would not work. Has yet to be an issue.
    I convinced my father who might as well have the cell glued to his ear 24.7. He talks around 6000-7000 mins a month. Got him the Prevail, with the 50 bucks/shrinkage. So, we constantly as him if he has any problems web or cell side. He said, no once in a while he will loose a call. And every call he said that he looses is that the other person is on ATT network. LOL He runs the battery dead twice a day if that tells you how much hes on the dang gone thing. He finally fessed up and said he was leary of how the service would be. And now I swear he should be a spokesman for boostmobile. He loves telling people about it. Not to mention he 66 to boot!
    07-23-2011 09:06 AM
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    The optimus only has more ram by a smudge 424MB RAM ( Not internal memory which most people get confused) compared to the Prevail with 384 RAM, a 40MB in a ram isn't going to compromise web browsing ability since the prevail will easily load webpages quicker since it has a 800MHZ Processor compared to the Optimus at 600MHZ. Once the Prevail gets rooted and overclocked were talking 1GHZ Processor which will completely OUTPERFORM the optimus without doubt.

    I have a prevail now as im writing this and it by far exceded my expectations. Very quick and resonsive phone. That 40MB ram is not going to make the Optimus faster with its slower processor. The prevail by far has much more potential.

    As for the price of the plan it makes no sense to compare a $25 plan with 300 minutes to a $50 plan with UNLIMITED (compared to Virgin Mobile $60 unlimited) MUST I REMIND YOU THERE ON THE EXACT SAME SPRINT CDMA NETWORK. You looked at it the complete wrong way Boost offers shrinkage. So if you remain a customer for some months your plan will get lowered to a minimum of $35. Since you want to compare plans $25 for 300 minutes or $35 for Unlimited. $199 Retail For the Optimus As per virgin mobiles website TODAY or $179 for a Prevail (Which Is a faster phone).

    300 MINUTES CAN BE USED UP IN A COUPLE DAYS, then what? your gonna text and email the rest of the month?

    Your arguement is weak, the Prevail easily out performs the Optimus and is a much better value for a much better priced plan.

    So now I make my stand for the optimus s, same thing as v. Ok your prevail has a 800mhz processor for modem tasks, phone tasks, and software graphics rendering. The optimus has a 600mhz processor with a 400mhz processor dedicated to modem operations. And an adreno 200gpu. The prevail has no gpu. The optimus has a brighter more vivid screen, has alotttt more support, multiple custom Roms and android 2.3.3, it had cyanogenmod 7, can overclock to 864, has multiple kernals, custom recovery, and the touchscreen is easily more responsive. Ok so you can overclock to 1ghz if anyone liked the phone enough to make a kernal for it. The optimus v costs 150, the prevail is 250. Virgin mobile and boost both use sprint towers. So stop being ignorant. Optimus has more internal rom. And ram. Anymore arguments?, BTW let's post benchmark scores. I out perform the evo ^_^

    Sent from my clean optimus using a gameboy advance :3
    07-29-2011 12:19 AM
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    I would have to say regardless of the phones capabilities Boost has the best plans for their customers without having to buy add-ons. Unlimited is the way to go and every 6 payments made on time will reduce your phone bill $5 forever.
    08-03-2011 09:57 AM
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