1. ryderkidd's Avatar
    Why are popular Apps missing from the Android Market: eBay App, Gas Buddy, Google Docs, Flash Player, etc. ... many more missing too?
    05-12-2011 09:23 AM
  2. Xtronwest's Avatar
    Don't know but i want to know whats going on with that rooting thing i was trying to get a screenshot app for my phone and it said that i need root. How can i root my phone ?
    05-12-2011 01:08 PM
  3. lance1955's Avatar
    flash player wont work on this phone. Your sol on that one
    05-16-2011 09:18 PM
  4. earnoj's Avatar
    Dont know why but i have flash player my only problem is that my phone gets hot at times and freezes to where i have to take my battery out and put it back in once it has cooled.
    05-18-2011 10:18 PM
  5. w33d3d's Avatar
    You can also add the apps AIM, Plenty of Fish, and Netflix to that list

    I personally think that Boost Mobile is blocking access to some of these apps on purpose. Instead of PoF they would like use to use their own app (which you can't remove) Hookt and Netflix because it would take up too much bandwidth on their unlimited plan.

    I emailed all of the mobile support in the apps I listed and I only got response back from one and that was from PoF. They said their app is designed is run on 1.6 and above. They asked for all my phone specs and what not so they could pass it along to their dev team to see if it was an issue they could resolve. They also told me that usually when there is an access problem with an app its because of the Android Market. That leads me to believe that Boost specifically requested some apps be blocked on the Prevail.

    Another issue I have but its sorta off topic is Boosts pre-installed programs that can't be removed. They take up the memory on the phone and can['t be moved to the SD card. Memory space on the Prevail is cramped as it is and imo we should have access to remove the programs that aren't critical to the OS's operation if we have no need for them.
    05-19-2011 12:05 PM
  6. rrspikes's Avatar
    In regards to apps, you can get most of them like eBay, etc. You just have to go outside the market to get them.

    I too, have emailed a dev regarding an app I used on my BB. The app is available in the Android market but he thinks it's Boost Mobile that's blocking it.
    05-19-2011 09:19 PM
  7. anon58445's Avatar
    You can add "Calorie Counter" by fatsecret to the list. What a shame, it is my favorite app
    05-24-2011 07:39 AM
  8. mojosingle's Avatar
    flash player wont work on this phone. Your sol on that one
    Does this also mean that Angry Birds won't work? Not sure what that game is based on... but I know it was big on the iPhone first (Apple's phone does not support Flash).

    Is there an Angry Birds app for this phone?

    05-31-2011 04:36 PM
  9. CopperAddict's Avatar
    I have AngryBirds running on my Prevail.
    06-05-2011 12:00 PM