1. trooper11's Avatar
    Hey everyone,

    Im hoping to get some perspectives on my choices for a new phone. Ill start with a brief list of my needs:

    -Productivity (i.e. using office on it, email, web, etc)
    -Heavy camera use (ill be using this on job sites fairly regularly in place of having a stand alone camera. This will be in various lighting conditions and fair amount of close ups) OIS is a must. Video will be used less, but image stabilization is needed here too. Quality software for taking the pics is a good point too, a camera app that is fast for viewing shots after they are taken.
    - Battery life to last at least a heavy work day (8-10 hours) between charges is a big deal
    -SD card slot would be great, but i understand that would limit me a lot, so its optional
    -US GSM compatible, 4 or 5g

    Those are my biggest points. Everything else I'm looking for good but they don't have to be great. So like a mid to high end chipset, something i can lean on for a few years maybe lol. No gaming concerns. As much update longevity as possible.

    Now, let me list the models Im currently watching based on sale pricing:

    One Plus 8 @599

    Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G @549

    OnePlus 7T HD1907 @399

    If there are any other phones that are currently on sale or within that 400-600 range that meet these needs, im open to them. I thought of listing the Pixel 4a 5g @ $499, but i keep going back and forth on it. I get that it has nice user experience for most, but it seems to lack that all around value for the money. If it really is worth it for my needs, im happy to consider it.
    11-20-2020 03:31 PM
  2. mustang7757's Avatar
    Any of those 3 should get the job done , it will come down to preference, I'm currently using pixel 5 and outstanding battery life , some complaints on the sound, I haven't had a issue.
    11-20-2020 06:26 PM
  3. trooper11's Avatar
    thats good to know. Its been kind of tough finding proper comparisons on things like camera quality, but it seems like the s20 FE leads in general camera performance compared to the 7T and 8, especially in low light and telephoto modes. The 7T seems to excel at macro shots though.

    As far as battery life, they all seem capable of lasting for a day's worth of work, but the oneplus phones come with fast charging adapters and charge faster than the s20 fe will even with its 25w rapid charging.

    The 6gb of ram with the s20 worried me a bit, but it seems like that doesn't actually hurt general performance or camera usage. One big plus for me with the Samsung is that they committed to 3 versions of android support, while oneplus hasnt committed to any support time frame.

    So I'm weighing out all of these things. Saving $150-200 by going with the 7T is also a big point. lol
    11-21-2020 01:57 PM

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