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    Hi guys I have a samsung sm-t520 and I'm wanting to upgrade it to a more powerful model.

    samsung sm-t520
    2GB RAM; 16GB ROM
    Exynos® 5 Octa (1.9GHz Quadcore + 1.3 GHz Quadcore)

    I'm finding it a bit slow and it keeps freezing on facebook and other apps so wanted to upgrade to another one with more power

    I only really use it for facebook some internet browsing and simple bits to be honest but it does load quite a few apps when I add my google account but no games.

    I don't want anything under the 10" would like to stick to Samsung as I like them but would be open to looking at another make as long as its not apple.

    don't really want brand new latest model as that means silly money I only paid £100 for this one 2nd hand don't mind say £200 odd 2nd hand and can sell the one I got

    can anyone advise me please as not really up on tablets
    04-18-2017 12:54 PM
  2. sealover1's Avatar
    I would of thought someone would of known this, not what it used to be since this forums changed about
    04-19-2017 04:21 AM

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