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    I'm a longtime Android user, and have never used an unrooted device except very briefly or as a corporate issue phone. I've owned an original Droid, Droid 3, and Droid 4, and currently use a Galaxy S5, all with Verizon. I'm really stumped on what to get as my next phone as more often than not, I find a phone that appears to have root and the features I want (LG V20 or the Galaxy J3 V were two I've looked at), but it's for a special unlocked edition, only in certain market models, or ones that have since had root exploits plugged. I'm currently in the market because I'd rather do a planned replacement and my current Galaxy S5 is 3 years old and has obvious screen burn from the black info bar.

    With more recent Android updates, I know that the default OS state will block file copying, which is a deal breaker for me. Using Titanium Backup is also very useful to me for rollback/migration of apps & settings. Because MTP craps out when copying a large amount of files or single files that are large, I prefer to use file explorers that can use UNC paths, which allow me to copy files easily without issue and more quickly. Due to storage concerns, I'd really rather have the ability to self-replace the memory card. I'd also like to make sure that I can decrypt the SD card for data access in an SD reader inserted in my PC.

    I've been looking at phones with SD and removable batteries. Based on experiences with Droid 4, I would rather have a removable battery, but I can deal if there's not an option. Sometimes popping the battery out was the only fix when it got stuck or in the case of the Galaxy S5, after 3 years I am now on my third battery, after the first went all "puffy" and it was far more convenient to replace the battery than the phone. Though, I will say, when the Droid 4 battery went all puffy after being relegated to a test/dev device, I was able to easily replace the battery, I just needed a teeny-tiny torx driver... so much for not being user serviceable.

    I'm not above switching carriers (like getting a universal unlocked phone and go GSM with ATT) provided I'd still get a decent amount of GB per month and can do a wifi hotspot without an extra (or minimal) surcharge and there's good coverage in the Nashville, TN area (*NOT* TMobile - my corporate phone is on their network and I can't use it except at work or in one place at home unless I connect to WiFi).

    So looking for recommendations/experiences with rootable phones that can give me the experience I'm looking for.
    06-16-2017 06:09 PM

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