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    I am getting fed up with the soaring prices for the Flagship phones these days and was going to challenge myself by buying a Sub $200 phone and use it exclusively for a few months.

    I want to see if all the "Newest Tech" is mostly hype and that a cheap phone could do everything that I really NEED a phone to do.

    I feel that I am the average user, mostly calls,texts, email, Youtube...

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    01-29-2018 03:03 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    The Moto G5 Plus is still a pretty decent phone, and you can usually find the 32 GB version for a little under $200. My wife had one for a while, and generally liked it -- Good performance, great battery life, nice screen, close to stock Android UI. But the one problem that made it not ideal for her was poor Bluetooth audio on phone calls. If that's not crucial for you, then it's worth a look (or the more recent refresh, the G5S Plus).
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    01-29-2018 07:35 PM
  3. worldspy99's Avatar
    Moto G5 Plus is really good. No NFC for Android Pay aside from the BT issues.
    I hear good things about the Huawei Honor 7X as well and the camera is better than the Moto G5 Plus. The downside is software updates and EMUI takes a bit of getting used to.

    Good luck.
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    01-30-2018 10:59 AM
  4. Morty2264's Avatar
    I agree - phones are getting way too expensive for my taste! I too would recommend the Moto G5 Plus. Also, I'd recommend the Honor 7X. I'm pretty sure it's in the $200 ballpark.

    In my opinion, any and every phone can be great - if it has good reception, internet, and storage, it's a good phone! Flagships are set apart because of the other things they have - bells and whistles, so to speak. But any entry-level or midrange phone can play videos, have apps, and can use SMS and call features... So it's all good!
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    01-30-2018 11:10 AM

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