1. qw105's Avatar
    Hi all,

    I've owned a Galaxy S7 Edge since late 2016 and unfortunately I've managed to drop it and destroy the display (and glass). I don't really want to replace the display as the battery was starting to grow weak and for not too much more, AU$350, I can get a 'brand new' one off [link removed]. Alternatively, I could take this opportunity to upgrade.

    I'm very keen on getting a Google Pixel, however, I'm concerned that the 3a will feel like somewhat of a downgrade from the S7 and I'm worried that if I splurge on the Pixel 4 XL I may be disappointed with the battery life and value for money. A good camera is important to me but I'm not particularly bothered about telephoto lenses, so I'm worried that I'll buy a Pixel 4 only for the Pixel 5 to have a more useful (in my eyes) ultra wide lens.

    Is the 3a's camera notably better than the S7's?

    Would the 3a be worth almost double what I would pay for the S7 Edge on eBay?

    Is the Pixel 4 XL's battery really of concern and would it last longer if not a similar about of time as the S7 Edge?

    Would I regret purchasing a Pixel 4 XL?

    Look, I'm just worried that I'll regret buying the Pixel 4 if the Pixel 5 turns out to be a groundbreaking phone... What should I do?

    Do I get a 3a, a 4 XL, or just buy another S7 Edge for much less money?
    11-07-2019 04:34 AM
  2. GranPaSmurf's Avatar
    I came to 3a Xl from S7 (Sprint) and I'm loving every minute of it.
    I was first drawn to the S7 by the esthetics. It's a beautiful piece of equipment. Battery got below 50% so I went to 3a Xl.
    I hated waiting for months (years?) to update Android OS. Now I get the latest version of Android!
    I won't repeat all the things there are to like about having a modern phone except to say that I've found NO downside.
    But you also touched on something I've wondered about.
    I could upgrade to P4 but I'm holding off. I'm really intrigued by the advantages of a 5G system. As for me, I'll stick with Google phones but hold off until I can simultaneously upgrade to 5G at the same time.
    Have you considered a refurbished phone? I've bought refurbished from eBay a couple of times and had no problems.
    11-08-2019 03:16 AM

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