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    Hello all:

    I purchased my Samsung Galaxy S (i896) in November and I have felt so ignorant towards my phone ever since. Everyone in my family has a different phone so they can not really help (BB, iphone, etc). Since December/Jan I have had several people try to send me video text messages or pictures via text and all that comes in is "no subject" and a ghosted out "downloading..." when I click on the message I can see the size, the date it was sent and the day it will expire. I can not also send messages (picture/video) it does the same thing except it says "sending...." on my end and will do so until I go in and delete it.

    I went to an outlet in the mall for help and the asscociate made me feel like he had served ignorant people like me all day and didn't have anytime for this and I left with no resolution (except, I can save my power a bit better).

    I called Samsung tech support last night teir one support was not too helpful but very friendly, found my issue most bizzare and switched me over to tech in teir 2 who got me two things to do. #1 Open my phone, take my battery out, put it back in (didn't matter if it was on or off). Then he told me if that didn't work (which it did not) he told me we must re-set it (there may be a virus). I was just about to do this and I then asked him if there was any way I can save the messages to my computer first or somewhere, he said no. I told him that made little sense in my mind I need these videos (for work) and if I delete them I can see them. He said call the person and tell them to send them somewhere else. The person who sent them has deleted them too. Sooo now what. I didn't reset my phone I went looking for answers found this place.

    I have seen other forum members mention MMS and being on your data plan (vs. using wifi?) I'm not sure what that is all about (again my ignorance) so if someone could help me it would be appreciated greatly as I dislike my phone a lot at this point and I dislike the fact I can't figure it out.
    03-18-2012 08:24 AM