1. anneoneamouse's Avatar
    Title says it all.

    Thanks, AoN
    07-18-2010 01:51 PM
  2. Jeremy's Avatar
    While I don't use screen protectors google boxwave. They make good ones.
    07-18-2010 02:37 PM
  3. That70sGAdawg's Avatar
    For the time being, I'm using a Rocketfish one for Sony PSP from best buy for $6.99.
    07-18-2010 02:41 PM
  4. objectuser's Avatar
    I'm hoping bestskinsever.com produces a skin, but not sure I'll want the screen covered, just the body.
    07-18-2010 02:51 PM
  5. GQ50's Avatar
    07-18-2010 07:31 PM
  6. encheritto's Avatar
    they have screen protectors at the at&t store 9.99 for a pack of 3
    07-18-2010 08:06 PM
  7. That70sGAdawg's Avatar
    Are the AT&T ones "anti glare" or clear ? I don't want anything altering this sweet screen...
    07-18-2010 09:59 PM
  8. Jay_eS_Iye's Avatar
    bringing back an old thread, but BSE does have them available now
    Samsun Captivate
    08-25-2010 12:40 PM
  9. Jay_eS_Iye's Avatar
    I'm trying to find a screen protector only that doesn't feel as grippy as Zagg, I'm hearing Ghost Armor, GadgetShieldz, and BodyGuardz. Do any of these feel close to the smooth glass feel or would I even be better off going cheap like the ones at the AT&T store?
    08-25-2010 02:12 PM
  10. flashman03's Avatar
    I bought Realook and liked it. My dog got my phone and it had a couple pits afterward but the feel was really nice. It does get marked up from oils but to me it is the same as what happens on the glass screen so I was happy.
    08-25-2010 07:39 PM
  11. Wakefulpanda's Avatar
    Don't get a Zagg. I could be a moron but I had nothing but stupid problems putting that peice of junk on my phone. It was 21.99 at best buy (lifetime warranty) and you seriously need a scientist to put that POS on for you. You have to spray your fingers with some spray they give you then spray your protector and lay it on the phone.... the protector gets stuck everywhere while water and crap is running all over your phone.. god it was an awful mess.
    I ended up going to the ATT store and getting the 9.99 screen protectors (packs of 3) and they work like a charm.
    08-25-2010 11:12 PM
  12. Dorkfish92's Avatar
    I got the Zagg Invisible shield and like it a lot. It took about 5 minutes to put on, but as long as you don't rush it's pretty easy. My only complaint is that it has a slightly sticky feel to it, so you can't slide your fingers on the screen as well (wouldn't recommend it for Swype users) But after my phone fell during a run and i got to watch it slide across the sidewalk screen-side down, yet no scratches were on my screen, I was pretty convince to keep it on.
    08-26-2010 09:48 AM
  13. TheBronze's Avatar
    I'm waiting for a full body zagg kit, but I have used them on a co-workers Droid X and they are a bit sticky. I am hoping it will wear down in time. An added bonus is that the zaggskins are warrantied. If they get munged, the'll replace it for free.
    08-26-2010 11:10 AM
  14. dragonc12#AC's Avatar
    I have had a zagg invisishield on my iPhone 3G when I had it, my iPod touch, and now my Captivate. It literally takes 5 minutes to put it on if take your time to do it. As far as the "sticky" or "tacky" feel, I've found that it goes away after a few days. It has to fully adhere to the phone. And you cant beat that warranty either.
    08-26-2010 11:25 AM
  15. SlappyMcgee's Avatar
    I had a heck of a time trying to install the zagg sheild on my captivate. I took it off b/c I didn't like the feel or look of it (bumpy like an orange peel). So it sort of distorted the image (IMO) whens howing off HD video.

    Does it eventually smooth out and become more clear?
    08-26-2010 11:47 AM
  16. rahlquist's Avatar
    I got a zagg, love their product wish it was a less sticky finish but....

    Also my Captivate was sitting in the door handle of my wifes camry this past weekend, when I opened the door it fell out and landed face first on the concrete garage floor. Not a bit of damage.

    Good enough for me.
    08-26-2010 01:28 PM
  17. pingpongboss's Avatar
    SGP Steinheil Anti-Fingerprint

    Once you use something other than Zagg InvisibleShield, you'll soon realize that it is crap for touchscreen devices.
    08-28-2010 05:08 AM
  18. Tremortality#AC's Avatar
    I have a realook screen protector and I have no issues. Dry install which was simple to do and it fits perfectly. Its crystal clear which I wanted with no orange peel feel. I actually think my finger slides better with it on than without but it could be that I only had the phone a week before adding it. I have tried many others on different devices but nothing worked out as I had hoped until now.

    I also hear good things about Steinheil.
    08-28-2010 07:46 AM