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    Aukey sent me their Dual Port Car Charger as part of the their #TeamTECHKEY program.

    In the package was just charger, a manual, and the famous Aukey 24 month warranty/support card. The charger is made of a lightweight but durable aluminum, and it has two USB A ports which can be used to connect a variety of cables. I connected a micro USB, USB C, and lightning cable. All worked fine. The design of this adapter allows you to connect it in to your car's lighter jack, and then the USB ports are almost completely flush to your dashboard. While I did not do any scientific testing, my personal experience was that devices charged quickly. Also I did not get any "unauthorized accessory" message on the iPhone. I used a "certified" cable.

    I highly recommend this adapter!

    Compact Design with the ports flush to dashboard
    Good build quality
    Works well
    24 Month Warranty
    Manual in multiple languages

    01-28-2019 12:01 PM

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